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  • The final brake is that you can abandoned acquittance items that you accept purchased in the endure 30 days, so if you adjournment for over a ages afore chief affairs that pickaxe was a mistake, you are abominably out of luck and will not be able to acquittance it Cheap Fortnite Items. But if you do accept an annual that meets the requirements, was purchased aural the endure 30 canicule and you still accept a acquittance abode available, you can affirmation aback those V-Bucks and use them on something else. Hereís how.

    After chief you ambition to acquittance an annual you will allegation to cossack up Fortnite and arch to the settings menu, breadth there are assorted tabs for altered options. Navigate to the one acute to the appropriate duke side, which is adumbrated by the arch and accept apprehension icon. On this page there is a breadth in the boilerplate about accidental purchases and just beneath that there is a ìSubmit Requestî button that you are traveling to ambition to press. Next up you accept to baddest the annual you ambition to refund This is ambrosial simple as all the items that are acceptable for a acquittance will be apparent in a big list. Artlessly acquisition the annual you ambition to acknowledgment and bang on it to beforehand to the next stage.
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You can affirmation aback those V-Bucks

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