How to Clean A Rusty Custom Stainless Steel Sink


    Wait a minute, I thought stainless steel sinks don’t rust, you might be saying. Well, if you’ve got rust on your Custom Stainless Steel Sink, it could be coming from metal things attached to it (like faucet or drain ring). But the sink itself may be rusty. Stainless steel is still mainly iron, with up to 30 percent chromium. Even stainless steel deteriorates over time—it just takes longer than other steels.

    Whatever the source, powdered cleanser and a white pad will remove most rust spots. Use a toothbrush to reach areas that the white pad can’t get to.

    If the white pad isn’t working, try 0000 steel wool. The rust stains or rust in porcelain sinks, tubs, etc. can also be removed with a special rust-neutralizing product that contains oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is the main weapon against rust problems of all sorts. Be warned that oxalic acid is toxic, so follow the manufacturer’s directions completely.

    Do not use chlorine bleach on rust because this will set your stain and make the problem worse.

    Once you’ve got the rust stains cleared, be sure to tackle future cleanings with our stainless steel cleaner and polish.

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