Why is Metal Coating so Important in the Industry?

  • The continuous and heavy usage of machinery can make them worn out. The daily wear and tear of the machines might just affect the productivity of them. This is where metal coatings such as hard chrome coating come into the picture. The hard chrome coating not only helps in cutting down the friction on metal feeders but also it restricts them to stick together. Apart from that, it also keeps the feeder components safe from corrosion. Coating at the right time will not only keep your machines protected but also give you the correct compliances.

    Here is what you should look while choosing metal coating-

    1. Low Co-efficient friction- If your coating on your machinery is not low co-efficient, then your machines might get in contact with dust particles. Apart from that, less coefficient friction also helps in reducing metering errors.


    1. Matching up federal standards- There are different requirements for various industries when it comes to the federal standards. The coatings which you use needs to match up to their requirements.    


    1. Resistant to various chemicals: The coating can also get affected by some chemicals. It has the risk of getting corroded by few chemicals such as chloride. So, you have to make sure that the coatings which you are using restricts any kind of chemical reactions and corrosion even after getting exposed for a long time.  


    1. Wear and tear prevention- There are many machines which has to work literally for the entire day. They possess high risk of breaking down in the middle of the operation. So the coating which you are using has to make sure that the machine can withstand the workload without getting affected.


    1. Coating on pump sleeve- Another important aspect of coating is parts where you coat it.  The elements inside a pump can also get affected by corrosion, erosion, etc. To avoid that, you can change the design of the pump or the materials. But coating on pump sleeve can also give you the same results with minimal efforts.

    Endurance Wear Solutions is a technology driven company which provides different types of coatings including hard chrome coating according to the requirements of various industries. They provide technical solutions in order to increase the working life of machinery.