'Digimon' Makes Its Funko Pop Debut

  • Funko continues to be on an anime tear lately using Pop figures, and it also’s finally Digimon’s turn inside spotlight. Not a bad gift to the 21st birthday from the franchise.

    The first wave of Digimon Pop figures are lead by Digimons Agumon and Gabumon and then the DigiDestined Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida. You can pre-order the complete first wave of Digimon Funko Pop figures below with shipping slated for September. Naturally, it can be best to join Agumon and Digimon Masters Online Gold Gabumon first since they will be the most popular from the collection.

    For those unaware of Digimon, the series was originally conceived by Bandai, Toei Animation, and WiZ in 1997 like a way to capitalize within the virtual pet craze sparked by Tamagotchi. The franchise consentrate on its titular "Digital Monsters," monsters that live in a very parallel, digital world that originated mankind's technology. The franchise had its first anime adaptation, Digimon Adventure, which focuses with a group of children called the DigiDestined (or "Chosen Children" in Japan) which can be transported towards the world of Digimon and possess to fight the many evil digital beasts that roam the land. Well, good news! Digimon Masters Online game is available now on Steam. In order to enjoy the game better, you can buy the cheap DMO TERA at https://www.mmoah.com/digimon-masters-online to reduce the initial difficulty of the game and quickly improve your combat power.