Path of Exile is playing PoE within the first place

  • If unforgiving game for a low skill or fails is certainly not for you, you can still find tons of games requiring zero capability to gain everything.

    I do not like having to do lab for ascendancy points.

    First lab being shorter can be something but not much.

    I've accepted lab as something terrible that I should live with.

     I even like uber lab being dreamd by POE Trade a lot of people cause you may make a fortune with a lab running character.

    I've had multiple friends testing out PoE and hating lab so much in fact they quit the sport.

     But those shouldn't be playing PoE within Cheap POE Orbs the first place, right? Lab is really what ARPG's is dependant on.

     It's the most annoying part of the sport by a huge margin.