Path of Exile increased expansion

  •  This circles to the first point. You are putting a lot of faith as part of your subordinates.

    I think how we did handle it turned out fine, considering you'd a huge time period limit on your hands. Looking forward to a, hopefully, great league, and an even more Cheap POE Currency expansion. Keep up the effort you are doing, it´s a very awesome game.

    Yes, it turned out worse.

    Edit: If you was missing time for buffs, why do you prioritize nerfs? Shouldn't you might have balanced between both nerfs and buffs? The feeling the town has is GGG is simply nerfing every possible thing.

    Once the league happens people will just Cheap POE Orbs forget about their respond to the bare patch notes. 3.1 will probably be one of the best leagues ever, I can feel it.

    To tell the truth I don't think most of the city really have any concept of what adopts developing a game of this scale.