Path of Exile can still be changed from the future

  • If you just aren't gonna take them off, at the least nerf them heavily, something similar to "socketed abyss jewels provide 50% with their values".

    I suppose those things can still be changed from the future, a league later, when you've analysed the effects of this choice and determined whether or not you're very happy with it.

    Regardless of my personal on the matter, thank you for explaining your reasoning and thought process around the subject :).

    All in every, much like the way it's planned on Cheap POE Items being integrated, although I think there will probably be tweaks for the way Abyss cracks are handled (namely, diminished amount of them (re: won't extend beyond 3 cracks), with an increase of density).

    Also, a fascinating question. Seeing how all of the Abyss uniques is powerful and usable somewhat, are you going to ever be seeking to remake some on the worse league-specific uniques?