New Path of Exile Ascendancy-exclusive mechanics onto Ascen

  • I am so glad to determine this new direction you are taking in terms of balance goes - the standing of GGG to date is to destroy everything and do balance heavy handed, always nerf or destroy, never fix what doesnt work, destroy precisely what does work, so everything becomes bad automagically.

    we've been asking forever, stop nerfing so heavily - and look at why people dont play certain nodes, ascendencies and the like, and adjust these phones be better, not make positive things bad.

    Now employ this on gear, stop wiping out all gear every league, and provides us loot 2.0, because game drastically needs it.

    Assassins' poison stacking potential looks broken...again.

     -_- Please pre-nerf this before release as opposed to needlessly sending people on another multiple-league ride ride to ensure something that's already glaringly obvious.

    Also, you mentioned attaching a number of Cheap POE Items new Ascendancy-exclusive mechanics onto Ascendancies in order to make them unique (so new unique items don't render them pointless again).

     An example would be the new Rage mechanic within the Berserker.