Much Path of Exile restriction on playstyle

  •  So little restriction on playstyle only am i realistically barely ever gonna see worthwhile beasts, now the nets needed have "significant" economic value.

     So i need to have a build that doesnt 1 shot, offscreen, which enables it to stop the dps (no summoner, totem, etc) just like it does, then im wasting nets and is the correct that will feel really good.

    This league was looking pretty dismal once i thought we would use a free net skill certain to the V key. Knowing there's a restrictive net item mixed into Cheap POE Currency this awkward system really, really sucks.

    Even with free nets somebody as i am will ignore beastcrafting almost completely, since the majority of of the teased crafts are useless outside ssf.

    You think anybody is planning to find, use nets, and farm to roll an infrequent item with fire res? I wouldnt be shocked in the event the price of nets > greater than the alc it you should just roll a product and save quarter-hour of time.

    Even with powerful crafting i'd normal be enticed into there exists too much restriction on playstyle and build choices that I can see myself just selling nets and ignoring all beasts outside farming challenges in the event the rewards are wonderful this league.