HC information mill enough to build the Path of Exile game

  • I myself want SSF because I hate trade, not because I want to no-life the overall game like ProjectPT to generate progress.

     I'd like to pick any build to begin with a league (not just one that will be gear independent) and work at that build with smart loot/deterministic progress around the level of trade.

    You already recognize that this niche HC companies are not enough to build the game, and that means you are going following the casual/console crowd to https://www.mmoah.com/ bolster player numbers/revenue.

     Providing such type of SSF is definitely further fracturing your already dwindling niche HC audience.

    I think it is awesome. However, being that they are separate leagues I feel like maybe the SSF players should find some good kind of drop rate bonus even Cheap POE Items so it would be unfair whenever they transferred to the off the shelf league and began trading those things.

     Maybe get some sort of option that is the permanent SSF giving a drop rate bonus then one that isn't permanent and enables you to transfer to a normal league if you would like.