Keep up the Path of Exile spectacular work

  • One net to rule them would be nice, like just 1 necro net.

    The other concern is that occasionally all beasts into the spotlight, you couldn't highlight them anymore arbitrarily. So then you definitely were really boned.

    Wow, ggg everyone continue to surprise me, I cant imagine how hard it needs to have been to choose this. It was very evident just how much was work was place into this mechanic.

    You guys are the only team willing to take risks, but much more importantly boost the comfort on how they can be received.

     By far best team of this era, carry on the spectacular work and I look foward to playing your game for several years to come.

    I love the bestiary mechanic, I feel it made the overall game really unique and it's a major reason I delivered to the sport. I am really upset, but I will spot what the end of the week holds for the following update.

    I still find it unfortunate that bestiary will Buy POE Orbs never be in core game.

    I felt it could be good being a core mechanic, rapidly reward system having bad QoL in temp (crafting is an important chore plus your cage sizes don't have any business being limited in dimensions). As league mechanic, it turned out too restrictive.