Sacrifice themselves with the quests of Path of Exile

  • A playaround whould be nice (or modifications to the daily), even forcing myself to mechanics I don′t like was fruitless.

    What it can be worth, inspite of the broken system looking back I have to say, that PoE has likely the nicest, most helpful PvP community* I have ever met.

    (Yes, I mean the three of us: Bob, additional Bob and Cheap POE Orbs me).

    I haven't ever got to know before a lot of people willing to sacrifice themselves for your quests of other guys, patiently explaining the way to kill themselves fast and also offering suitable weapons.

    Basically PvP brings people together, strongly united by their monumental hate towards PvP.

    This thread only got 10 pages. That's how people gave a damn about PvP back when it turned out still a different thing.

    3 days ago I saw a league-wide notification that some player was the first ones to enter the 3v3 PvP arena from the Abyss league. The first entry after almost two months since the league started. That's how not many people give a damn about PvP today.