Path of Exile are now able to vaal cyclone on beyond maps

  • So much for going HC this league because of POE Trade the balances ::CoughNerfsCough::... XD

    Does def look interesting to put it mildly that poison chaos dmg buff seriously lol? every one of the nerfs went into buffing pathfinder chaos/poison dmg. Delve = league of poison/chaos bow builds. by stragglers...

    But overall looks fun and cant lose time waiting for patch notes and also the 31st(NA)!!! lol more theorycrafting INC!!!! :D

    This is dependent upon whether it is also extended by temp chains and whether another changes are happening to VMS. If no to both, there's still a great 20 second window where you can recharge the skill.

    Really liking modifications to movement skills and instant casts, always running Brightbeak hasn't been too fun. Seems like the caster movement skills are definitely more viable , also minion hype!!

    Blocking and evading of secondary damage, can this mean you can vaal cyclone on beyond maps and not using a random unique mob suddenly appearing and blowing up 200 corpses and instagibbing you? The worst section of playing a cycloner isn't being able to vaal cyclone on beyond maps with any level of safety.