The Falcoholic Mixtape: A quarter-by-quarter playlist for Falco

  • Sports and music share many common denominators. Flow Womens Logan Paulsen Jersey , pacing, tempo, mood — you see it on the football field and hear it when you pop in your headphones. For this season we’re trying something a bit different, putting together a quarter-by-quarter playlist for each and every game. One that attempts to capture what we saw on the field — a sonic memento, if you will. At season’s end all of these songs will be compiled into a Spotify playlist available for download. Let’s hope for a great year, otherwise this whole thing is going to be a massive downer. A bit of a disclaimer: I have to restrain myself from time to time from going on profanity-laden tirades on The Falcoholic, as SB Nation’s standards prevent me from doing so. These artists aren’t constrained by those same tethers, so keep that in mind before throwing this on in the car with the kiddos or stodgy in-laws.Pregame: Big Boi - ShutterbuggWhat better way to herald in the home opener than with Sir Lucious Left Foot himself? Coming off a week that belongs more in a garbage can than our memories, the cameras were out in force at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, capturing the Falcons’ first win of the season. It really was risky business in the A, as we prepared for how the defense would respond after the injuries to Keanu Neal and Deion Jones. The unit made plays when it needed to, but the overriding story is the offense that moved down the field for the majority of this one. 31-24, good guys. Here’s Week 2 of The Falcoholic Mixtape.First Quarter: Phoebe Bridgers - Motion SicknessThe first quarter had the bile slowly rising in my belly. Deion Jones’ absence was felt heavily on the Panther’s opening drive, as they marched down the field with ease and went right at Atlanta’s linebackers. The defense buckled down and Carolina came away with only three, but it was an ominous start for a defense lacking both of its pivotal cogs in Jones and Neal. As was the case in the opener against the Eagles, the Falcons offense was in sync on their first possession only to encounter the scoring issues that have been the prevailing story line since last season. Ever-reliable Matt Bryant splits the uprights after a bizarre 3rd-and-1 wildcat play that saw Mohamed Sanu stuffed behind the line of scrimmage. Emotional motion sickness is right. 3-3 score to end the quarter.Second Quarter: The Struts - Could Have Been MeThe chorus of this one defines the second quarter. “Pride and shame” — Damontae Kazee’s late hit on Cam Newton as he was fully into a slide was egregious, to put it lightly. Kazee’s aggressive play is what gave us confidence in light of Keanu Neal’s injury, but he’s going to have to control it if he hopes to be a productive player on this defense. But pride? Yeah — this offense completely kicked into gear in the second quarter. The Falcons went 2/2 in the red zone, including Calvin Ridley’s first career NFL touchdown. Kazee’s helmet-to-helmet hit on Cam Newton — and the subsequent ejection he deservedly received — was an extremely sour spot in the second quarter, but Steve Sarkian dialed up some creative plays, and Matt Ryan put the offense on his back to get Atlanta into the end zone twice. 17-10 heading into the half. Third Quarter: Gatsby’s American Dream - Meet Me At The Tavern In Bowerstone Save for a Matt Ryan interception as he was hit while releasing the football, this quarter flew by. It was capped by Ryan channeling his inner Michael Vick and scrambling for his second rushing touchdown of the day. The offense was moving at a rapid-fire pace, I desired celebratory strong drink, and this song is 28 seconds long. 24-17 Falcons into the fourth.Fourth Quarter: The Bronx - Heart Attack American A feel-good fourth turned quickly frenetic, as this game got much closer than it should have been after Ricardo Allen seemingly sealed it with an interception. I have high blood pressure as it is and was not prepared for the Panthers to be in a position to knot it up with :05 on the game clock. Thankfully D.J. Moore dropped the would-be game-tying touchdown, and the Falcons secured the win. Deep breaths, everybody. Final: 31-24 Falcons. Post-game: Cartel - Luckie St.Are there worthwhile bars near Centennial Olympic Park? Either way Womens Terrell McClain Jersey , a celebration is definitely in order. The Falcons’ offense looked damn good, the defense did enough when it had to, and Atlanta comes away with a win at home against the Carolina Panthers. It’s 90 degrees outside, but roll the windows down and savor this one.Falcons vs. Buccaneers: Can Atlanta possibly hold Tampa Bay in check? Every week, there are questions both big and small about this Falcons team. So many of them have become moot, even elementary in the face of a very big one with a rich vein of tiny, doubtful questions running through it.That question, this week and for every week after it, is simply whether the Falcons will win. But that’s boring, week after week, and so instead we’ll once again tackle the uncomfortable question of the defense. This week, they’re up against a feisty Bucs offense led by Jameis Winston, who has traditionally victimized even solid versions of this Falcons defense. So the question is whether the Falcons can stop them. They’re on a run they haven’t equalled in over 15 years with the number of points they’ve given up in recent weeks, and while I have little doubt the offense will bounce back offensively against an awful Tampa Bay defense, the defense may not be equipped for this.Despite that, the Falcons are sticking to their guns and sticking with their players, with Dan Quinn saying on Wednesday morning that the Falcons didn’t try anyone out. The team is betting that the lack of discipline and communication issues can be solved with enough work, and that getting anyone currently left on the market isn’t going to be much of an upgrade. The Falcons have yet to see the fruits of that philosophy—and they aren’t even using everyone currently on the roster—but they’re dedicated to doing so. What this means is that the Falcons are counting on things clicking, and that’s playing with fire with the way this team has played in recent weeks. But it’s also a bet that continuity, which has evaded the Falcons throughout this season, will finally help smooth things over, and that street free agents won’t be the salve that simply having the same lineup together will be.My guess is that the Falcons will have to win on the back of their offense this week, but I’m hoping the Falcons will also tighten up enough to hold the Buccaneers under 30 points. Some signs of progress, however faint, would make the rest of this season more bearable. I doubt the Falcons will be able to shut down this offense or anywhere close to it, but enough of a stand to win the game would be good enough for me.