Positive Hit For Star force field

  • Positive Hit For Star force field, it is recommended to hit positive. All with flat 3, then slowly bent of them. It isn't recommended to hit at 1-2 pieces. Since 5 onwards. Additionally, it will have a maplestory2 mesos high prospect of miss. Let's lose a lot of money.

    The ability is the same. Pick a skill that is equipped. But players might have to select what to bring up. I like to pretend to enjoy it. Or to change that we're a fun to play. The level 60 has a new ability, more force, the writer opted to use the ability level of 60. It's just like the first skill. Due to this level's skill level 60 frequently have attacks. That's a group. And more acute than the skill used in level 30.

    90-100 level playing fashion:Play the story to find out if the quest is finished. And don't play with when. After this, we will need to pressure to shop. Level up When the level up, clear the search to smooth. Start the pressure to maintain the daily. But don't only use the cards at the bag. It's encouraged that all down pressure since it's a mission to unlock. I don't advise it because the author of playing the 80 + degree of the adventure. However, if your friends gradually play with 1-3 hours a day, it's divided into strain. I have to collect the daily quest offline.)

    Clear the daily search to get a present. When amount 95 is down bonus, push the Elite dungeon to have the level. We got down three occasions, one day. The Epic 3 piece (with a card in the bag, remember ). Enter the Trade Station to sell the items we have from the Elite Price setting, then attempt to research what the industry price.