Your Fortnite Account Needs Two-Factor Authentication

  • Your Fortnite Account Needs Two-Factor Authentication

    Fortnite is the hottest thing going in video games right buy fortnite items ps4 now, garnering mainstream attention by the likes of Drake and great Morning America alike. Anytime a game breaks with this much attention, some shady characters are certain to attempt to use its popularity to make the most. If you're not already, you should be protecting your self with two-factor authentication.

    Lawyer Ryan Morrison called attention to the issue on Twitter, saying that his brother's account was hacked and overdrew his bank account. This type of fraud isn't new, but it's simple to hit unsuspecting victims drawn to a popular trend.

    Fortunately, protecting yourself is easy. Just go to the Epic Games Account site and scroll to the bottom to the button that says "Enable Two-Factor Sign-In." When it is enabled, you'll need a safety code delivered directly to you together with your usual login credentials, and you'll be alerted of this approximate time and IP address from any login attempts in case someone else attempts to access your account. You always have the option to switch off the choice if you get tired of it, but don't. It is a tiny bit of additional effort to prevent potential significant problems.

    As soon as your account is safe and secured you can go right ahead and get started tackling fortnite characters

    those weekly challenges as you wait for the upcoming patch.


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