The soccer is the standard game mode in the Rocket League

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    Soccar – The soccer is the standard game mode in the Rocket League game and the mode has the team sizes from 1 to 4 players. In which the goal is to score on the opposition by using cars to hit a ball in to the opponent team goals. This mode was only available in the original release of the Rocket League game.

    Snow day – This is the second game mode that has been added to the Rocket League game and it is the same as the soccar game mode except that it is played with the puck instead of using the ball. This mode is played is available only on the snow day.

    Hoops – This is similar to soccar mode except the goals have been replaced by the hoops and it is possible to play the hoops on the Dunk house. This mode can be played on both online and offline private matches.

    Rumble – This mode is similar to the soccar except that here each player gets a random power up for every 10 seconds which has the ability to affect the ball, the players or other players. This can be played on all maps except for the Dunk house.

    Dropshot – This is mode holds the features as like the soccar mode except the mode uses the object to put into the floor instead of the standard goals where the ball is powered up according to the color of the team.

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