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    When players download the latest alter for Rocket League,they will be able chargeless DLC based on Fallout 4 in commemoration of the abhorrent advancing game's release.This chargeless DLC comes in the assay of an antenna modeled afterwards Vault Boy,the Fallout franchise's iconic mascot.The Vault Boy antenna can be activated to any car in the game,and is accessible to download acclimatized now.

    While some may be ashamed to see Fallout 4 marketed in such a way,this isn't even the age-old time we've candid elements of the adventurous pop up in a in actuality acclimatized title.In fact,it was below than a commemoration ago that Fallout 4-themed cars were added to Forza Motorsport 6.Titles like Rocket League and Forza activity crossover opportunities because they access no ascetic chance elements to compromise.Furthermore,they represent in actuality acclimatized genres than Fallout 4,so they allegedly aren't advancing with Bethesda's latest for chump dollars anyway.