Is there a Difference Between Crystal And also Glass?

  • Glass is often utilized in situations where light and color are required, such as optical devices and various art arrangements, because of its transparency and reflectivity and easy food dyes. Modern technology has delivered new vitality and vitality on the glass industry, but also made your performance of glass has been greatly improved. We will certainly briefly introduce the variation between crystal and magnifying glaas, and explain their pluses and minuses.

    The difference between ravenscroft and glass

    Crystal is a very popular gem, the well known ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle also believed that crystal is definitely evolved from ice. In truth, crystal is SiO2 very, which has no interior connection with water or ice. It is ordinarily colorless and transparent, but contains iron group elements might have different colors, such while violet, yellow, smoke grey.

    The appearance of crystal and glass can be quite similar, but there are two completely different substances. The main differences is also the following five aspects:

    Primary, the material is diverse.

    Crystals are crystalline silicon dioxide, while louver glass price is a variety of silica containing molten say.

    Two, different efficacy

    Tumbler has only decorative effect, while crystal has the particular effect of piezoelectricity in addition to decoration.

    Three, the price is different.

    The unit price of crystal is several times a day or even tens of times above that of glass.

    Several. Different physical properties

    Crystals are crystals with higher hardness (Mohr 7) and decrease hardness (Mohr 5. 5). Crystals can scratch marks about the glass, otherwise they are not able to.

    Five, the processing technology is different.

    The glass can possibly be molded by hot spreading, saving materials and protecting labor costs.

    Crystals are crystals that can not be reversed by heating and also melting. Therefore, the hot-casting method can not be used, but cold-working methods for example cutting and grinding can only be used. The charge is high and the purchase price is high.

    Crystal hardness is high, it isn't easy to wear. A glass is low in solidity and easy to clean.

    Crystal stability, long term use will never change color. And glass is simple to turn yellow.

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