Running Process of Rotary Kiln

  • Ore Milling Equipment is the bridge and hub connecting the former and latter equipment in the industrial production of metallurgy and cement. The technical performance and running state of the rotary kiln will directly influence and determine the comprehensive consumption and index of the production process. After long time of operation, there may be some defects on the rotary kiln and overhaul will be necessary to conduct to the kiln. This paper will analyze the defects that may occur during the using process of rotary kiln. (1) Due to long time of running, the abrasion of the rack wheel of the rotary kiln and the locating pin roll and the pin hole of the spring board will be very serious. The rack wheel may vibrate during the running process especially when starting and stopping the equipment, which may cause the breakage of the spring board. (2) Since the centre line of the kiln is not in a straight line state, the spare parts such as riding wheel, catch wheel and tyre may be out of shape, which will influence the service life of the kiln liner. (3) Since the kiln seldom moves and is running in a fixed position for a very longtime, the unite pressure of touching surface of the tyre and the wheel stand will increase, and then the touching surface will become rough. After analyzing these defects, the researchers find that there are three reasons causing these defects: (1) The locating pin roll and the pin hole are seriously abraded, and the machine operates, the rack wheel will move in the vertical and horizontal direction. When adjusting the rotary kiln, the customers may not ensure the technical requirement of the mesh gear drive back side. For this reason, the kiln will vibrate and the spring board may break. (2) Due to many times of overhaul and adjustment and unclear situations where the foundation of the rotary kiln gradually sink and decline, the kiln may bend. (3) Some problems exist in the daily maintenance of the equipment lead to the concentrated wear of the riding wheel and the tyre.