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  • Just before Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri lined up for a game-tying extra point on a snowy day last season in Buffalo Cameron Jordan Jersey , the Colts sent some sideline personnel onto the field to attempt to remove snow from the area where the kick would be lined up, and help Vinatieri get better footing. That was a violation of league rules, but no penalty was called.

    That’s because at the time, no penalty could be called. As PFT noted afterward, the officials had the authority to kick the Colts’ personnel off the field Jarvis Jenkins Jersey , but they didn’t have the authority to assess a yardage penalty because the prohibition on clearing snow was a Game Operations Policy, not a rule.

    Now it’s a rule.

    As noted by Football Zebras, the 2018 rulebook has been adjusted to say that “It is impermissible for the grounds crew or other team personnel to clear away snow for a Try kick, field goal, punt Sterling Shepard Jersey , or kickoff.” The penalty would be 15 yards.

    It only makes sense to give the officials the authority to do something about it if a team breaks a rule in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage. In the future, it will be a 15-yard penalty.

    Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald is still unsigned with the regular season fast approaching, but coach Sean McVay sounded more confident than ever today that Donald’s holdout will end soon.

    PFT reported this week that Donald and the Rams are getting close to a $22 million a year deal, and McVay indicated it’s very close. Asked by reporters today about Donald’s status, McVay indicated that they’ve recently come closer to reaching a deal.

    “I’m very Sam Mills Jersey , very optimistic,” he said. “There is a level of increased optimism.”

    McVay still believes Donald can play in the Rams’ Week One game against the Raiders.

    “Hopefully if we do get it done in the next couple days, we do feel good about him being ready for Oakland,” McVay said. “The dialogue has increased, the level of urgency is extremely high on both sides.”

    McVay closed the discussion about Donald by saying Nate Solder Jersey , “Aaron, see you soon, buddy.” He sounded like he thinks Donald’s new contract will get done very soon.

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