I played it in a browser

  • In 2001, the video-game studio Jagex launched Runescape, an online role-playing game. This week, the developers announced that the original version of the game, one that consumed vast quantities of my time as a middle schooler and remained online until now, is shutting down www.lolga.com.

    In eighth grade I desperately wanted to play Everquest, the dominant online role playing game at the time, but I didn’t have a credit card, and my parents wouldn’t let me use theirs. So I typed in “free online RPG” into a search bar and my brief, fiery affair with Runescape began.

    I played it in a browser, and it was archaic looking even then compared to Everquest’s graphics. Runescape was relatively flat, cartoonish, and colorful, with little sense of overarching style or design sense. Still, it was a fully functional online role-playing game with combat, a rudimentary magic system, cooking, mining, a full chat interface, and more. It would eventually evolve graphically and systemically, and those newer versions of the game will continue to be supported, but Runescape Classic is where I learned how to be an online citizen.


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