I usually skip these tutorials

  • To be clear, NHL 18 builds off the amazing foundation from last year’s title. New creative attack dekes gives the player so much more control of the puck, and mastering these dekes can turn you into NHL 19 Coins a superstar in no time. To get players ready, NHL 18 includes a Hockey Canada Training Camp mode, which is an intuitive tutorial that guides the player through the game’s controls, and teaches some of the more advanced techniques, including the various new dekes.

    I usually skip these tutorials, but was interested to see what I might be able to learn. The presentation uses video of real-life players and coaches showing you the moves, then in-game footage of the moves, and then instructs you how to pull them off. The entire tutorial took less than 20 minutes, and after a few seasons of Stanley Cup-level gameplay in NHL 17, I’m actually even better this year having taken the time to go through this “training camp www.lolga.com.”