In the summer of 2016

  • In the summer of 2016, Bogba returned to Manchester United, and the industry and the village all took "go home" to say things. Boba is indeed a young man from Manchester United and has won the Youth FA Cup. However, due to his disagreement with the club, he refused to renew his contract with Laiola and joined Juventus as a free agent. For a long time before Manchester United learned the news, Bogba had privately signed with Juventus. Ferguson was angry and blamed the French for lack of respect for Manchester United. Therefore, it is unkind to FIFA 19 Coins say that when he left for the first time, Bogba and Manchester United had already been squandered. If Sir Alex is still there, he will not return to the day


    However, since Ferguson retired, Manchester United has been out of the league title, Bogba took the Serie A four consecutive championships in Juventus, but also won the Champions League runner-up, has become the top star that will dominate the world football in the future. The position between the club and the player has been reversed, so the Red Devils had to take out the £89 million world first transfer fee and re-purchase Bogba back to the Dream Theater.