When it comes to pulling fat

  • Different clubs, the whole season is long and boring, the importance of the game, the weight of the opponent is not the same, Bogba will expose the problem of inattention and lack of concentration. More than that, he is still pursuing individualism on the court, regardless of the interests of the team. Gary Neville’s evaluation is: “He is like playing in the park, everything is done for oil pipe or INS. video". Off the court, Boba has more time and freedom to show a high-profile lifestyle. And its agent, La Iola, naturally does not need to take into Buy FIFA 19 Coins account Bogba's feelings of home and country, can enjoy the hurricane behind the scenes, and concocted the turn of the scandal.


    When it comes to pulling fat, many fans think that he is behind the scenes to make a bad provocation, "teaching bad" Bogba. Indeed, Raiola is not a good class. Ferguson has been a "bad guy" in the past, but he is also a player of his own. Ibrahimovic and Manchester United get along well with each other, and they are more interested in each other. Rinho "go to death." So in the final analysis, it is still Bogba’s own problem. what is the problem? He did not regard himself as a Manchester United.