A minute later

  • In the 16th minute, Felipe Anderson made a cross and Diop's attack was resolved by the goalkeeper. In the 25th minute, Digne made a breakthrough pass from the left and Tossan's header was also blocked by the goalkeeper. A minute later, Schneiderlin passed the ball and Quay's long shot missed the left post. In the 31st minute, Noble passed the ball in the frontcourt. Yarmolenko broke into the restricted area and cut the ball into the upper left corner. The ball reached the top left corner of the goal. West Ham United expanded the lead 2-0. Kemei opened twice!


    In the 37th minute, the volley of Tosang's middle road was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 41st minute, Digne's long-range shot was also resolved by the goalkeeper. In the second minute of the first half of the stoppage time, Quay's arc was at the top of Buy FIFA 19 Coins  the ball. Kenny was on the right and inserted a good pass from the landing. West Gulderson grabbed the header and hit the top right corner. Everton was at the top. The score was pulled 1 to 2 before the end of the half.