Drama would rear its ugly head every once in a while

  • In Maplestory, my friends and I would discuss the complexities of romantic relationships, which never would have come up at my private Catholic school, where my peers and teachers expected us to uphold and respect only one particular type (straight and “traditional” relationships). I felt miserable and repressed at school; how could I be myself with classmates and teachers who would turn their nose up to anything that was slightly different from them? In Maplestory, I felt like I had found a friends group who respected me, even if we didn’t always agree. At school, sharing an unpopular or new opinion would mark me as a target for ostracization LOLGA .

    My Maplestory friends, like any typical group of friends, was far from perfect. Drama would rear its ugly head every once in a while. For years, these online friends were there for MapleStory M Mesos me when I had no one else, but eventually, that changed.