Adams continued to move forward and scored 51 yards

  • After the first scoring in the third quarter, Aaron Rogers completely recovered his status in the fourth quarter. Accurately find the receiver, Jeronimo-Allison, and get the first attack several times in a row. And in the half time of the Bears directly selected long pass to Allison, the latter in the end area to catch the ball to score the touchdown, zoomed out the score, 20:10. The Packers then quickly prevented the Bears from going out in a 3rd position and took back the ball. Aaron Rogers once again dominated the game. He passed to the receiver Dwand-Adams .


    Adams continued to move forward and scored 51 yards. The Packers team spent less than three minutes. Rogers passed the ball again in the Bears Red Zone and scored a touchdown for Adams, narrowing the difference to 3 points, 20:17. The Bears ran the ball on the ground in the last minute and took more than 6 minutes to score a free kick, 23:17. However, they faced Aaron Rogers, who made a short pass to Madden 19 Coins Randall Cobb in the 25th half of the game. The Bears made serious mistakes in this defense. After receiving the ball, Cobb ran for 75 yards in the unguarded situation and ran the end zone, completing the lore, 24:23.