This is our philosophy

  • Now the Seahawk's locker room problem has once again been publicly displayed on the stage. Unexpectedly, Russell Wilson, who is a quarterback, has become the target of  Buy Madden 19 Coins criticism. Although Pete Carroll’s problem with the team is in the eye, his solution is to solve the problem by protecting Richard Sherman and others. After learning that the player anonymously revealed the team's locker room problem, coach Carol felt pressure. He knew that the previous code line interception gave Wilson a lot of opinions. He also knew that his protection of Wilson gave the players some dissatisfied.

    Obviously, we have not been able to implement our philosophy, because our main principle is: don't worry about what is happening, and put all your attention on what is going to happen. This is our philosophy, but unfortunately I have not let my players implement this. No matter whether the game wins or loses, no matter what happens in the end, we have to look forward, life is like this, we have to move on. Other than that, I don't care about other things. "Carol coach answered the contradiction of the locker room very concealed. At the same time, talking about the players' dissatisfaction with Wilson, Carol played haha.