I have been practicing three-pointers

  • Greg Monroe, who recently signed a contract with the Raptors, accepted an interview with the media today. He said that he took the time to change his game in the summer and make himself move better. He even practiced to expand his range.

    Monroe has made 0 of 12 points in his career so far. He said that he has never been asked to LOLGA  shoot three points before, and this was not part of his game before, but with the change of the league, and with the Raptors new coach Nick - After Nas exchange, he has been practicing his three-pointer, and now he is also comfortable with three points.

    "It's time to repeat it in the game," Monroe said.

    In the 2017 playoffs, Monroe had a conflict with the Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas. For this, Monroe said: "When you are competing, such things will happen. I would rather someone to Cheap NBA Live 19 Coins do this than to meet a shy person, I will not back down, he is also, so we will be very interesting on the same team."