In the second and third attack

  • 2-3 weeks of preseason performance: Danodd started in both games, playing a total of 4 more time. Faced with the opponent's main lineup, Danodd advanced 148 yards and 1 touchdown in 27 games and 16 games in two games, which is already an NFL qualified quarterback. Simple statistics do not fully reflect the strength of Buy Madden 19 Coins Darnold. He is quite experienced in the game and shows a super high talent. In the second and third attack, the good reading ability makes people forget. The fact that he is a rookie. However, the only thing he did not show us was his ability to strike the far-reaching route. Danod did not make any big-code attempts, and the farthest pass was only 16 yards.

    Jet legend Joe Namas: "My thoughts are the same as most of you here. Since Sam came here, everyone has seen his training, command and competition. We are very excited. I like to move under his feet, he can really do a good run, not only in the pocket, but also run out of the bag to complete the pass, he can accurately pass the ball to the receiver, in general The performance is very good"