It is on the official website of the game of football

  • It is on the official website of the game of football / race that Psyonix expressed his joy after having lived "the most beautiful year" of its history. If Rocket League has not really run out to 38 million copies (think of PlayStation Plus subscribers, free sessions set up during certain weekends or various invitations), this estimate shows an obvious craze. The opportunity for the California studio to thank the community, but especially to LOLGA take stock of future updates of its title.

    Since it was released on Switch, "a big step" according to Psyonix, Rocket League has significantly increased its number of followers. Such success can also be explained by its affinities with the eSport scene, notably via the RLCS World Championships. Well aware of the boon, the developers have launched this year the first season of the Universal Open Rocket League and have enjoyed the aura of X Games organized in Minneapolis. In order to Rocket League Crates  make their production even more visible, the studio announces in the post having added servers in high-potential regions, such as South Africa and Asia, which is consistent with the logic that the rapprochement with China.