"Thrill on the Kill" Version of PC MMO RuneScape in Developmen

  • Jagex on Thursday announced--and launched--a brand new "cutthroat" version of their popular PC game RuneScape. Called DarkScape, it's called an "experimental sandbox MMO" that specializes in the "thrill with the kill." The game is defined in a "shadowy, alternate" game universe, which you may see inside video below.
    The free-to-play DarkScape doesn't replace RuneScape, but rather exists alongside it, set inside same overall world as RuneScape, though a "kill or perhaps Cheap RuneScape Gold be killed" twist. Everyone starts yourself in DarkScape, but those with existing RuneScape accounts get a 1.5X XP boost with an extra item maintained on death.
    "Featuring an amazing and treacherous world split up into low, mid, and high-risk regions, each using their own economy, players must decide how deep they travel into zones of maximum threat, where valuable resources and high-level content may be claimed," Jagex said in the announcement.
    "Players should watch their backs yet band RuneScape Gold for sale together to protect trade routes, hold resource plots, and form into bandit groups," it added. "Even Gielinor's cities, highly-protected citadels of commerce in DarkScape, aren't protected from PvP skirmishes. However, the further away from these rare 'safe areas', the extra likely players will need to fight for his or her loot--and their lives."