The PS4 downloads Battlefront 2 show critics the guts finger

  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 had some need to plug right into criticism, most famously because around the Lootbox problem. Nevertheless, it can certainly be a successful game - and the show the downloads.
    Although a petition EA had to revoke Madden NFL Overdrive Coins the Star Wars license then there it seemed also due for your debates through the entire Lootboxen than stood the celebrities not good for Battlefront 2, the numbers tell another solution story.
    Sony's data show a sturdy December for EA titles with fast download speeds, particularly Europe. At exactly the same time Battlefront 2 was you can find, plus the film The last Jedi premiered. All this may have contributed an essential part in helping to get Battlefront 2 about mmoah the EU's most successful downloadable titles of December throughout the PlayStation. 4
    In Germany alone, Star Wars Battlefront II was 200,000 copies sold concerning the PlayStation 4 and for that reason receives the BIU Sales Award in platinum on the German gaming industry.