Star Wars Battlefront 2 is always to become as FIFA - And peop

  • We just experience the fresh era of micro-transactions. The monetization strategy of Electronic Arts in Star Wars Battlefront 2 triggers violent reactions.
    The tree burns at Electronic Arts - and ablaze. The weekend utilizing the community of Star Wars Battlefront 2 unleash a Shitstorm exclaimed boycotts and mmoah protests, made sentiment towards EA.
    Provoke reactions to new cash methods
    After each with the players have reached realize exactly what is at the popular Star Wars Battlefront 2 actually goes there : It's a new era of payment models. A full-price title with progress and activation systems, when we all know it truly just made Free2Play titles. Players neglect fiercely against it and try to build their protest visible.
    Attempts by EA to appease the fireside of indignation, heated it to everyone the more.