Xbox One X? Scorpio is presented - What awaits you?

  • The new Xbox Scorpio / Xbox X are going for being officially unveiled on April 6. Read here what they've and with the new name to become you are in a position to expect that information.
    Microsoft plans inside the project mmoah name "Scorpio" an innovative Xbox console . This should provide powerful 4K in lots of games and provide enough ability to tackle high-end gaming PCs. But concrete info around the new wonder-console from Microsoft, you will discover extremely little, however, many rumors and supposed leaks.
    The hardware experts at Digital Foundry (Euro gamers) have but apparently already gotten a Scorpio and they also need to on Thursday, April 6 at 15:00 imagine publicly.Project Scorpio Xbox
    Xbox One Scorpio - 4K streaming and VR - These would are the known specifics in the Xbox One X
    For Scorpio little reliable information is yet for getting the net. Even the name together with the console isn't yet clear. Until now it absolutely was known as under the martial name "Project Scorpio", however in accordance together with the Spanish side Elstate and publish there text they have to "Xbox One X" hot. However, it had been not specified source and also the image is apparently not officially from Microsoft.